The application process is very simple, yet very important. If you are unwilling to thoughtfully answer the questions, please do not apply.

We want all applicants to agree with, and desire the same things as our membership. We are a linkshell built upon the ideals of respect, loyalty, and fun.

Information about our linkshell:

  • We are a very old linkshell started that on Seraph server in 2004. In early 2010, Seraph was merged into Bismarck, so we are currently residing on Bismarck.
  • Equilibrium's Leader: Liltulip
  • Equilibrium's Executive Officer: Zubuis
  • Equilibrium's Officers: Bongarippa, Gaspee, and Talphon.

  • We are predominantly an event based linkshell. At this point in the game we mainly focus on the battle systems of the Seeker's of Adoulin expansion.. We occasionally do events such as KS99, Sea, Sky, and Dynamis based on member needs.

  • We do not believe in botting or the use of third party programs that hack/cheat the game (Windower excluded). We also do not believe in MPK, player griefing, or stealing regardless of the circumstance. These things are severely frowned upon, and could result in removal from the linkshell.

  • We expect linkshell members to treat others with respect and be tactful. Because endgame linkshells are filled with a lot of different personalities, there are always going to be people who clash with another. In those situations, we expect members to do whats best for the linkshell and get along as a team. The linkshell is as much of a social group as an endgame group, therefore we try to provide a positive atmosphere for people while achieving our member's goals.

  • We try not to be strict about things, but if you are online during event times, you should be at the event.

  • A new member is on probationary status for 2 weeks. The point of this time is to get to know our members and for us to get to know you. I would strongly encourage people to keep Equilibrium pearl on as much as possible during this time. Your lotting priority is lowered, but only for the couple weeks. Officers reserve the right to extend probation due to things like low attendance, etc, but it is very rare that we do it. After 2 weeks a vote will be done on each applicant to see whether the linkshell thinks you should be a full member or not. It is important to be as active as possible and make your presence known so that people will recognize and vote in a positive manner for you.

  • As far as loot distribution is concerned, the linkshell has different lotting systems in place for various events. People that put in more time and effort are rewarded accordingly, but we put great effort into keeping things fair. The majority of the decisions are made by the officers. We try to look to look at all sorts of factors to make the best decisions for the linkshell while trying to maintain a fair atmosphere.

All applications will be reviewed by the Recruitment Officer and the Members of Equilibrium. You will be contacted in game regarding your application if/when it is decided your trial will go forward. I encourage all jobs to apply. No one will be turned away because they "didn't level the right job". The main thing we want is a willingness to cooperate and help everyone achieve their end game goals. We look forward to reading your application!

Thank you for showing interest in our linkshell.
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